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Akhilesh Khakhar



Join the PrepUP community and compete with your friends by answering 5 questions in a head-to-head battle for points.



Learn through the detailed answer explanations of the thousands of questions to get a perfect score.


Take customized Practice Tests and the Question of the Day to eliminate your weaknesses and get a perfect score.

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Nischal Nadhamuni - Advisor

Nischal Nadhamuni (Advisor to PrepUP) – MIT (18′) and Founder of Klarity is an amazing mentor, advisor, and friend to PrepUP.

Tom Rose - Advisor

Tom Rose (Advisor to PrepUP) – MIT Sloan and Co-Founder of Testive works to make the world a better place through the implementation of private sector education at for-profit companies. Rose has worked as an educator of some kind for more than 10 years at such institutions as Duke, MIT, and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. 

Hannah Wei - Advisor

Hannah Wei  (Advisor to PrepUP) – MIT (19′) and President at CliqBit, LLC is an awesome advisor, specializing in Gen Z marketing.